Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Map sale and Third Thursday event tomorrow!

Everyone is invited to check out this months Third Thursday Event, City Maps!
Tomorrow evening from 4-7 pm the Hatcher Graduate Map Library, on the 8th floor, will be featuring our unique city maps for all to see, Student, Faculty and Public alike. After you have wandered through our display ( or before, the map sale is all day long!) , pick up a few maps next door from our Map Sale! Due to a sudden surplus of duplicate maps we have many to sell, from local maps of the area to maps from all over the world. We even will have a couple globes for sale too! Most maps will be only a dollar so stock up a couple for your car, one for your bare wall in your new space and another of lands you one day would like to see first hand. Not only will we have maps and atlas's for sale, but this time we will also have language tapes as well!

Friday, October 08, 2010

Map Art

While old maps are usually seen as art work more than for their usefulness, but here we have a new artist proving otherwise. She has shown that modern maps can be seen as an intricate pieces of art that extend past their usefulness becoming a thing of interest beyond getting from a to b.

An artist in North Carolina, Karen M. O'leary, has been making intricate paper cutting of maps of cities from all over the world. Below is a beautiful example of Mexico City which is available to purchase.

With truly impressive amounts of patience these gorgeous works of art are for sale via her etsy page, but are also browesable via her flickr page for those who would like to appreciate the rest of her work.