Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Third Thursday, Tomorrow!

Its that time again! The Map Library is having its monthly exhibit tomorrow from 4 to 7, displaying maps of and about Indigenous Cultures!
And we are still doing our Travel and Road map sale tomorrow as well, get some fascinating maps for pocket change!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Map Aquisition!

The Map library has recently been gifted a wonderful addition to our French map collection. The generous William Heidrich has purchased for us the rare and exceptional 18th century Claude Roussel Nouveau Plan de Paris.

"The Roussel piece is a magnificent wall plan of Paris that thoroughly maps the city and provides visual depictions of its iconic structures. The 37 vignettes that surround the map illustrate the city’s well- and lesser-known architectural triumphs, including palaces, major administrative buildings, gardens, and arches. Also among the vignettes are a small panoramic view of the city, and another of the Pont Royal."

For more information click here.

With new technology comes new dilemas.

Many of us have heard about someone using heir GPS being told to drive into a pond, or onto a road that doesn't exist, but what about a virtual glitch that causes an invasion?

Last week Nicaragua accidentally invaded Costa Rica due to Google maps representation of the border lines being wrong.

The image below supplied by SearchEngineLand shows the difference.

While most that have used Google maps before for a road trip know enough not to trust them explicitly, it seems Nicaragua has learned the hard way!